About SWB

Study Without Borders (SWB) Education Center was spun off from Envision in July 2007. SWB's primary focus is on the Education Travel market.

Our product offerings:

    • Language School bookings to the US, UK, Canada, Australia/New Zealand, South Africa, Fiji, Japan, France, Spain, Germany and Italy.
    • Professional Certificate Programs
    • Customized Programs
    • Summer Schools/Camps from any age

We strive to offer our clients a personalized service to help them identify the best international study opportunity to meet their needs.

We set ourselves apart from other agencies through our focus on care and commitment. We believe in the value of an international education and understand that each student has his/her unique set of needs and expectations. Whether it is school selection, academic counseling, application processing, housing placement or visa assistance, we attend to each client with the utmost attention and care. As a trusted partner to schools, we help raise awareness of your program on the ground, through education fairs, websites, discussion boards, brochures, and local partnerships. Currently, we have hundreds of partner schools around the world and numerous related service providers, and we continuously seek opportunities to work with different institutes, individuals or groups to offer a wider selection of choices to our clients. As a SWB partner, you will have a platform with a highly respected company to promote your program.

Despite the current economic challenges, Taiwanese students are continually seeking to study abroad. If you would like to take your program to a new level in Taiwan, please get in touch with us. Together, we will raise the standard for international education to a new level.==

Contact us:



Taiwan Toll-free 0809080661

Address: 10 Fl.-2, No 169, Sec 4, Zhongxiao E Rd, Taipei City 106, Taiwan

Web: www.swb.com.tw

E-mail: info@17study.com